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About Me

I am a final year Ph.D. Candidate at MIT working with Antonio Torralba (aka the Great Torralba) & Raquel Urtasun. I am also a part-time Senior Research Scientist at Waabi. My research is supported by a Siebel Scholarship.

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I am interested in computer vision and robotics, especially 3 chiều vision và self-driving vehicles. Over the past few years, I have worked on various topics, such as robot localization, static 3d reconstruction, dynamic motion estimation, và closed-loop sensor simulation. I examine these tasks not only in controlled settings, but also in sparse, noisy, and sometimes even extreme real-world settings in which the models will be deployed.

Previously, I was a Senior Research Scientist at Uber ATG R&D working on self-driving vehicles. I completed my M.S. In Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) where I was advised by Kris M. Kitani.

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Recent News

NEW Mar. 2023: check out our latest effort on closed-loop sensor simulation and LiDAR generation! NEW Oct. 2022: Gave a talk at CMU, Columbia, and UIUC on in-the-wild 3d modeling, generation, & simulation! NEW Sep. 2022: kiểm tra out our latest effort on 3 chiều scene generation, sensor simulation, và neural fields for manipulation! Apr. 2022: I gave a talk at Harvard on exploiting high-level vision for level-vision! Mar. 2022: Our work on extreme-view 3d reconsturction và planar neural field are accepted to lớn CVPR 2022! Jul. 2021: BARF! Train your own NeRF from a collection of images without knowing camera poses! Mar. 2021: check out our latest effort on simulating pedestrians in the wild at CoRL and CVPR! Jul. 2020: Four papers (two spotlight) accepted to ECCV 2020! Stay tuned! Mar. 2020: Our work on LiDAR simulation and instance segmentation are accepted khổng lồ CVPR 2020! Oct. 2019: The source code of our real-time stereo algorithm is available now! Make sure to check out the amzaing differentiable PatchMatch module! Jul. 2019: Three papers accepted khổng lồ ICCV 2019! Details coming soon! Jun. 2019: Our paper on light-weight localization is accepted to IROS 2019! Mar. 2019: Two papers (scene flow and road boundary extraction) accepted khổng lồ CVPR 2019! Jul. 2018: Our paper on Unsupervised Intrinsic Decomposition is accepted to lớn ECCV 2018! Mar. 2018: 3 papers accepted to CVPR 2018! Apr. 2017: Our book chapter on Activity Forecasting is published! kiểm tra it out! Mar. 2017: Our work (a game-theoretic approach khổng lồ multi-agent activity forecasting) is accepted to CVPR 2017! Jan. 2017: Our work (self-localization for autonomous vehicles) is accepted lớn ICRA 2017! May. 2016: I graduated from CMU --- thanks Kris for all your tư vấn in the past two years!

Research Projects

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Pro bono office hour

Inspired by Prof. Kyunghyun Cho and Krishna Murthy, I have decided lớn commit 1~2 hours every week to provide guidance, suggestions, and/or mentorships for students from underrepresented groups or whoever is in need. Please fill in this size if you are interested.

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I enjoy playing/watching all kinds of sports, including but not limited to lớn badminton, basketball, baseball, tennis, running, etc. My favorite sports players & my favorite games (click their names!) are: