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One of the cooler things a phone does is remotely accessing a computer. Here are the best remote desktop apps for Android.

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Remote access khổng lồ a desktop is one of the most nibịt power-user features out there. However, it is perfectly doable on an Android device. There are two basic ways lớn vì chưng it. Users can remote inlớn their Android device from a computer. We covered that functionality in our best screen mirroring apps for Android list. This danh sách focuses more on accessing your desktop computer from your Android device. There are a bunch of apps that boast remote access as a feature. However, only some of them are actually good. Here are the best remote desktop apps for Android!
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Price: Free / $79-$229 per year

AnyDesk is a serviceable option in the remote desktop space on Android. It works like any other remote desktop app. You connect your phone lớn your computer và then use your computer from your phone. It worked pretty well in our testing và it uses a simple UI. There weren’t any real issues with it. The app is không tính tiền for personal use. The prices we listed are for commercial use mostly. It definitely has its flaws, but we also put apps in lists for a reason. Give it a try và see if you like it. Worst case, you don’t and have sầu four other options. VNC Viewer và this tiện ích competed for the fifth slot on this list so it’s right up there as well.


Chrome Remote Desktop

Price: Free

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the most popular remote desktop apps. Users install the ứng dụng from the Chrome Web Store on their computer & then this phầm mềm from Google Play. From there, follow the installation instructions and you should be able lớn connect. The app worked most of the time in our testing. It’s quicker & simpler than many of the other options, including TeamViewer. However, it’s also been two years since Chrome Remote Desktop saw an update as of the writing of this article. We recommkết thúc trying this one first, but don’t be shocked if it’s not a flawless performance.

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Microsoft Remote Desktop

Price: Free

Microsoft Remote Desktop is arguably Chrome Remote Desktop’s biggest miễn phí competitor. It works about the same way. You simply enable remote access on your Windows PC và install this phầm mềm on your phone. The two should let your devices connect to one another. The positive part is you not needing a Google Chrome installation for this one lớn work on Windows devices. The bad news is the performance is about the same so you’re not really getting a better sản phẩm. In any case, it’s a solid option & a good không tính phí alternative sầu lớn Chrome Remote Desktop.


Splashtop Personal Remote PC

Price: Free / $5 per month / $16.99 per year

Splashtop is a less popular, but still fairly successful remote desktop phầm mềm. It works lượt thích the others with dual apps on your computer and Android device. You can access anything on your computer from your phone on your local network. You can add access from anywhere for $5 per month or $16.99 per year. This lets you access your device on any network, including any WiFi network or Smartphone data. The phầm mềm also lets you access your webcam lớn kiểm tra up on your home page without too much trouble. It worked as well as Chrome và Microsoft did in our testing.

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Price: Free for personal use

TeamViewer is kind of the obvious choice for remote desktop apps. It gives remote access lớn your computer from your Android device. It’s a little bit more complicated of a thiết lập, but it works just as well as one would expect. It also includes features lượt thích tệp tin transfers in both directions, encryption, & real-time sound and HD video transmission. There are features included for helping, say, a friover or coworker. However, it works perfectly fine for just goofing around on your computer as well. The app is entirely free for personal use. Those who use it for business need a subscription.

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If we missed any great remote desktop apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! You can also click here lớn check out our latest Android tiện ích & game lists!

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