There are similarities between GTA San Andreas Multiplayer and GTA Online, as well (Image via The Jizzy, USgamer)

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer might be an unofficial series of servers, but there are times when it"s more enjoyable than GTA Online. One"s mileage may vary in this regard. After all, comparing two noticeably different gaming experiences can get some polarizing reactions.

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Both games are fun in their own right. While some players will inevitably prefer one over the other, this article will focus on what makes GTA San Andreas Multiplayer more enjoyable than GTA Online.

Note: This article reflects the writer"s personal views.

Five reasons GTA San Andreas Multiplayer can be more fun than GTA Online

5) More players on a server

GTA Online can have up to 32 players in a single session, whereas GTA San Andreas Multiplayer can have various servers with far more than that in a single session.

Some of them can even go up to a few hundred players in capacity, making the trò chơi feel far more alive.

Not lớn mention, the latter game"s world is smaller. A smaller world plus more players in a session means fewer instances where nobody is near a particular player. Thus, it can be more enjoyable for fans of social interactions.

4) It"s GTA San Andreas at its core

There will always be arguments about which Grand Theft tự động game was better.

Naturally, that means some players prefer old-school game play over what"s available in modern games. The lack of a physics engine makes the trò chơi far simpler và more predictable, which isn"t always bad.

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Similarly, there is always the value of nostalgia. It"s a powerful emotion, especially if it reflects a better time in life. It"s a valid reason for somebody to enjoy a game over another one, even if it"s not something that everybody can relate khổng lồ personally.

3) Several servers lớn choose from (including RP)

GTA Online is one game. GTA San Andreas Multiplayer has several servers, including RP. Some of those different servers have different game play features that make them feel unique, which help freshen up the gaming experience.

Roleplaying has also become very popular with the rise of GTA RP. GTA Online doesn"t officially have it in any capacity, making fans of that genre seek alternatives. On a similar note, not every GTA San Andreas Multiplayer hệ thống is RP-related, so it"s not pigeonholed into one specific niche.

2) No Shark Cards


Many GTA San Andreas Multiplayer servers have ways to make donations, but they don"t actively promote Shark Cards or GTA+. It makes sense why they exist, given that GTA Online is Rockstar"s cash cow. Yet, that doesn"t make it more fun for players who want to spend a single dollar.

There is always a sense of "Pay khổng lồ Win" when microtransactions lượt thích Shark Cards exist. It"s especially bad for players who spend far more money than they should financially.

1) More frequent updates

GTA San Andreas Multiplayer is divided into hundreds of different servers, which means there are more updates than GTA Online. Even a single server can have more drastic changes, which helps make the trò chơi feel fresher.

GTA Online tends lớn have two major updates a year and filler weekly updates. If a major update doesn"t have nội dung that interests a player, one would have khổng lồ wait several more months just for something lớn happen.

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The sheer volume of GTA San Andreas Multiplayer servers and the ability for player suggestions lớn become a reality can make it a more enjoyable experience overall.