Chivalry Là Gì

chivalry demanded of him that he be conspicuous through his gallant, courteous, và generous behavior—H. W. Van Loon

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Did you know?

Chivalry is dead, they say. The statement is indisputably true in at least one sense: the word chivalry first referred to medieval knights, as in “the king was accompanied by his chivalry,” & we"re quite certain those knights are all long gone. But the word’s meaning has shifted since the 14th century, with other meanings joining the first over the years. Today, chivalry typically refers to lớn an honorable và polite way of behaving, especially by men toward women. Và when people say “chivalry is dead” they’re usually bemoaning either a perceived lack of good manners among those they encounter generally, or a dearth of men holding doors for appreciative women. The word came to lớn English by way of French, and is ultimately from the Late Latin word caballārius, meaning “horseback rider, groom,” ancestor too of another term for a daring medieval gentleman-at-arms: cavalier. In a twist, the adjective size of cavalier is often used to describe someone who is overly nonchalant about important matters—not exactly chivalrous.

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Example Sentences

Recent Examples on the website Two years after Charlotte"s wedding to lớn George, he was invested as a knight of the Order of the Garter, the oldest order chivalry in Great Britain. —Town & Country, 7 May 2023 For the first time, the ensuing declarations are being made by the Lady of the Garter và the Lady of the Thistle — representing the oldest orders of chivalry in England and Scotland — và a George Cross holder from the U.K."s armed forces. —Leila Sackur, NBC News, 6 May 2023 Some of the senior royals wore the xanh sash to signify their positions in the Royal Victorian Order, the highest ranking of chivalry personally awarded by the Queen for being in her service. —Janine Henni, Peoplemag, 3 May 2023 On Monday, the royal, 74, was formally invested by Queen Elizabeth into the oldest order of chivalry in the U.K.: the Order of the Garter. —Simon Perry,, 13 June 2022 The King wore an admiral"s uniform adorned with Swedish chivalry orders for the portrait. —Janine Henni, Peoplemag, 20 Feb. 2023 But Mike, lượt thích Eastwood, is stubborn, & desperately bound to lớn utterly oldfangled bonds of male chivalry. —John Semley, The New Republic, 23 Sep. 2021 Meanwhile, Lester is made an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE), a British order of chivalry rewarding contributions khổng lồ the arts và sciences, work with charitable và welfare organizations, & public service outside the civil service. —Lars Brandle, Billboard, 4 Jan. 2021 Choreographed by Rudolf Nureyev, the performance, which runs through March 26, brings the tale of romance, chivalry, & adventure to lớn the audience. —, 10 Mar. 2023 See More

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Word History

Middle English chevalerie, chivalerie, chevalrye, chyvalrie "body of mounted soldiers or knights serving an overlord, knights & their lords as a social class, warfare, feat of arms, values (as valor và generosity) constituting the code of knighthood," borrowed from Anglo-French chevalerie, chivalerie (also continental Old French), from chevaler, chivaler, chivalier "horseman, mounted soldier, knight" + -erie -ery — more at chevalier