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Welcome khổng lồ Book of the Chaos Knight, a anh hùng guide part of the Book of Dota series!

Here you will find all the information you need to lớn learn lớn play CK on a high cấp độ – from drafting and builds lớn the optimal playstyle in different lanes và situations. We hope you’ll enjoy this guide và find it useful!

Draft: Try not to pichồng hyên very early on khổng lồ avoid illusion counters. Build an aggressive team around hlặng – he is not made for passive games.

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Early Game: Get your core items as fast as possible but also try lớn utilize your kill potential together with your supports. You can easily snowball inkhổng lồ the mid game if you get free farm + a couple of kills in the laning stage.

Mid và Late Game: Try lớn keep the snowball rolling. When you get you your core items in the mid game you will likely be the strongest hero on the bản đồ. Use this to clayên maps control – don’t just passively farm. Find skirmishes và claim objectives. When the late game comes you can slow down the tempo a little bit và attempt to lớn fight only when you have sầu your ultimate. If your illusions survive sầu a fight use them to push down objectives very quickly.

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His highest placement on the EU ladder is top 100 - he plays all roles (mainly support), which is untypical for high-ranking players and shows his great versatility & understanding of the game.

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ChaosKnight is one of the few carry heroes in Dota 2 that are typically played extremelyaggressively. His skill phối gives hlặng a huge kill potential and allows hyên lớn dominatethe game from the start and to stay on top of it if the game does go late - heshould not be underestimated as a carry, his illusions give him absurd damage output with items.

The herofits well in ganking và 5-man strategies where aggression & fighting are in focus but he is not suitable for split-pushingor turtling because he farms slowly andtends lớn fall behind in more passive games.

Becuase of his incredibly explosive physical burst potential, cool look và responses, CK is a very fun hero to lớn play và learn. This might not sound important, but it"s easier to get better when you enjoy the anh hùng you are playing!


Level 1
Level 15
Level 25

Very High
Very High


Very Low
Very Low

Very High
Very High
Very High
Very High
Very High
Very High
Very Low
Very Low
Very High
Very High
Very High


Lane Dominance: Very svào in theearly game; with some help CK could shut down his lane opponents.

Control: Chaos Bolt is a very powerful single target disable thatcould be used to lớn cài đặt for a kill. Reality Rift,on the other hvà, could be used lớn mess up the positioning of your opponents& consequently, control a fight.

Damage: CK provides damagein all stages of the game - initially because of the potential nuke his skillsprovide; later on because of his illusions’ attaông chồng damage.

Scales Well with Items: Phantasm and Chaos Strike (a critical strike and illusions)scale very well with items, which means that the more farm CK has, the strongerhe becomes.


Fast: Riding his mount Armageddon, CK is one of the fasthử nghiệm heroes in the game. Thismeans that you can easily catch up lớn slow heroes or possibly run away fromengagements.

Armor: CK has acomparatively high armor. In addition to being a Strength hero & being quiông chồng,this makes hyên ổn quite a hard target to lớn bring down.



Unreliable: There is a randomelement in every aspect of Chaos Knight, which means that regardless of how heis played, luchồng is partly going lớn determine his effectiveness. This is a problem of every single skill he has, even his ultimate.

Slow Farmer: Compared toother carries, CK is a slow farmer - he has no skills lớn help hyên bring creepsdown & flashfarm. This means that if the game turns into a farm war, he could be out-farmedby the enemy carry hero.

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Mana Problems: He has a lowmamãng cầu pool, which is a problem especially in the early stages of the game as thehero relies on using his spells often, lớn win his lane.

High Cooldowns: The initiallyhigh cooldowns on his stun và Rift mean that he can use these spells only oncein an engagement. Furthermore, in the late game he relies on his ultimate tocarry, which means that when Phantasm is on CD, he is at a serious disadvantage comparedlớn other carries.


COL vs Optic Gaming, GESC:Thailand

MATCH ID 3798410405Replay:

Chessie has a nearly flawless game on CK vs Optic Gaming. COL have a veryaggressive sầu lineup with CK, Venomancer & Underlord as their farming heroes.Moreover, CK is combined with Bounty Hunter, which is a great full bộ foraggressive drafts:

First, the BH can scout & find great gank opportunities for his team. Thevision from Trachồng is also extremely useful, as it will prsự kiện the target fromjuking the CK. Second, the Track bonus gold compensates CK’s slow farming speedand allows him lớn easily find the needed farm if the aggression is successful.

It is also worth mentioning that CK is a strong carry versus the enemyLifestealer, because Naix lacks the needed AoE damage or control to khuyến mãi withCK’s illusions.

Alliancevs Team Kinguin, Dota 2 Asia Championships 2018

MATCHID: 3720936686Replay:

Alliance manage to lớn use very successfully a position 4 Chaos Knight. Theyabuse his laning strength to dominate the enemy safe lane with an offensivetrilane of their own. As the game progresses the good start & map controlallow Taiga (who is playing the CK) to lớn acquire farmvà finish the game with net worth farhigher than the enemy pos. 3 sand king, close even to lớn the enemy carry Lycan.


Because the nhân vật is focused on early and mid-game dominance, it could be said that you should pick CK when you are certain you will be able to dominate the chosen lane. You should always aim to lớn accommodate his kill potential in your team by drafting heroes which complement it, and which could afford to lớn go on the offensive with hyên ổn from early on.

In team strategies, CK is mainly drafted khổng lồ dominate his lane & take this advantage into lớn the mid game. You rarely want to go late as you are not the strongest late game hard carry in the game. Yet, your not-bad carry potential means that CK doesn’t force you inlớn an all-in win-now-or-lose-later position. Even if things don’t go exactly as planned and you don’t over the game before the 30th minute mark, you could still fight in the late game.

No matter the position in which you put CK, you always alặng khổng lồ combine hyên with heroes with kill potential, which will allow you lớn be aggressive sầu and stop the development of your opponents. It must be emphasized that winning your lane is crucial. If you thảm bại it, you will not be able to be dominant in the mid game. Consequently, you should pick the hero only when you are certain that the lane in which you put him will go well.

Provided CK is your only carry, the emphasis on the early stages of the game is even greater. Assuming that you play too defensively, you could over up losing the farming war và as a consequence - the game khổng lồ the enemy carry. However, when you have sầu another carry in your lineup, taking things late is not so bad as you will have sầu on your team two heroes that are scary with farm.

Mainly due to your poor flash-farming capabilities, you are not a good comeback hero. You are very svào early on, very svào mid game and quite decent late game, so what you are supposed to lớn bởi vì is get ahead, stay ahead & win. As a result, whenever you thảm bại your lane và early-mid game with CK, you are going lớn have sầu a bad time.

In the safe lane, CK will have access to the most farm from all lane alternatives, which means he will be scariest in the mid và late game. The downside lớn this laning decision is that you will not be able khổng lồ use your kill potential as much in the laning phase. Nevertheless, you could totally shut down the enemy solo offlaner as he/she is not likely lớn survive an initiation from your side, và the follow-up of your laning partners.

A defensive trilane CK is more likely to lớn be the only carry nhân vật in his team, which would put an emphasis on the mid game. When you make this pichồng, you should be confident that you could be aggressive and build up an advantage after the laning stage as going too late could be risky. With a defensive sầu trilane, the enemy hard carry will probably also have a good start.

If you see that the enemy team has a not-very-svào trilane with an important carry in it, you could take advantage of this and create a svào aggressive sầu lane with CK. His skills và stats (control, damage, speed and survivability) make hyên ổn very strong in a 3v3 or 2v2 situation. It could often be the case that your enemy carry will not be able to lớn reach the creep wave from fear of dying as a result of your initiation and the follow-up of your lane partners.

Putting CK in an offensive sầu lane will không tính tiền up the easy lane for another solo hero which could be another carry or semi-carry. In addition, having the enemy supports preoccupied in the lane might give freedom khổng lồ your mid laner. He is less likely khổng lồ get ganked, which means that AGI heroes with carry potential, but without escapes become more viable mid laners. This will relieve sầu a great giảm giá of pressure from your CK as he will be able to lớn focus more on being aggressive sầu và dominating the lane/mid game rather than on farming and carrying. This will also allow you to lớn transition into the late game more safely as you will have multiple carries.

That being said, an offensive sầu lane CK is a risky move sầu because if your lane doesn’t work out and you cannot easily swap lanes you will be at a big disadvantage. Your supports wouldn’t be able to lớn leave you alone in the lane và you cannot farm jungle, so you might end up stopping the development of your CK & at least one sup at the same time. Only sover CK in an offensive lane when you are certain you will be able to win the lane.

CK is a surprisingly good position 4 nhân vật. He has great initiation, good control, he is fast và fat và he can easily trade hits with other supports favorably.

As a support CK, you will likely bởi vì very well in the early game, but you should consider what your role will be in the mid & late game. In the igiảm giá khuyến mãi situation you will be able lớn find some farm & lớn transition into a semi-carry.

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In mid and late game fights you usually want to stay back util your opponents have used most of their AoE skills. Afterwards you can try lớn enter the fight with your Illusions lớn try lớn pick off the squishier enemy heroes – you khuyễn mãi giảm giá very significant damage even with cheaper items (e.g. Solar Crest).

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