How to install windows 10 on mac for free with boot camp

Everything you need to lớn know about how lớn get windows on Mac including differences between using Boot Camp, VMware and Parallels.

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Once you’ve completed those preparations you’ll be ready lớn run Boot Camp Assistant và install Windows on your Mac. Here’s what khổng lồ do.

Step 1: xuất hiện Boot Camp Assistant.

When you run Boot Camp Assistant for the first time, it will prompt you with a number of options. The first option is khổng lồ select the ISO image you want lớn use. Click the Choose button then navigate to the one you have created or downloaded. This will copy your Windows ISO file on to lớn the USB memory stick so that you can install Windows.


If your Mac has more than one internal hard drive or SSD, it’s possible lớn devote one of those drives exclusively to lớn Windows.

However, Boot Camp doesn’t play well with external drives connected via USB or Thunderbolt, so it’s best to lớn use your normal internal drive wherever possible. & if you have an external drive connected to your Mac for Time Machine backups then it’s a good idea to lớn remove it as Boot Camp can get a bit confused if it detects an external drive during installation.

When you’re done, click the Install button at the bottom of the window to start the process.

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Step 5: Install Windows

Once you’ve partitioned your Mac drive, Boot Camp will shut down your Mac và launch the Windows installer program from the USB memory stick. You can just follow the prompts to install Windows. As soon as Windows starts up you will also be prompted lớn install the additional Boot Camp drivers from the memory stick as well.



You may need to buy a copy of the VM software, as well as providing your own copy of Windows. Parallels starts at £69.99/$79.99, VMware is không tính tiền for personal use, but will cost from $149 otherwise.

There is also a không lấy phí virtualisation program, called VirtualBox, but it’s fairly complex và difficult lớn use, so we’ll focus first on using Parallels & VMware to install Windows. We bởi vì have a separate article discussing how to lớn use VirtualBox though, if you feel ready for the challenge.

We have a separate in-depth guide to the Best virtual machine software for Mac.

Run Windows on a Mac with Parallels

Parallels Desktop (version 16 at time of writing – read our Parallels Desktop 16 review) costs £69.99/$79.99 & has a more colourful graphical interface than VMware Fusion, but the two programs take the same basic approach. They provide several options for creating a new VM on your Mac, using an installer disk, or ISO file.


It’s also possible khổng lồ connect an existing Windows PC to lớn your Mac & create a VM on the Mac that is an exact copy of the PC, complete with Windows and all the Windows apps that you need. And, if you’re already using Boot Camp, you can even create a VM that duplicates your Boot Camp partition – which is a handy option for quickly checking a few files, or running apps that don’t need vị trí cao nhất performance, without having khổng lồ shut the Mac down và boot into Windows.

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Once you’ve decided how you want lớn install Windows, both programs allow you khổng lồ adjust a number of important settings.