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The S-Class Rank 1 anh hùng Blast has been one of the biggest mysteries in One-Punch Man. He"s considered the strongest anh hùng as per the anh hùng association.

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One-Punch Man is a shonen anime series that has been unlike any other. It has been able to lớn create waves with its quality plot that breaks the fourth wall with a protagonist so strong that he cannot be defeated by anyone or at least that has been the case so far. Besides its protagonist Saitama, the series has numerous other extremely powerful & strong characters. These strong characters in One-Punch Man are divided into two factions - Heroes who protect the Earth và villains who cause mayhem. Most heroes are part of the nhân vật Association that administers the heroes & organizes them among different classes và ranks depending on their strengths.

On the vị trí cao nhất of these rankings sit the S-class heroes, and the strongest ones even in the S-class are the top 10 heroes ranging from rank 1 khổng lồ rank 10. The strongest one according khổng lồ the strength as per the anh hùng Association's rankings is the S-class Rank 1 anh hùng Blast. Although, the fans have not been able lớn witness Blast in kích hoạt and there is still not much known about him & what his powers are. However, the series has mentioned Blast and his immense strength several times occasionally.

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend


Weirdly, the nhân vật Association's number one hero is an inactive one since he currently seems khổng lồ be visiting various places as he has developed a hobby of collecting mysterious cubes that could turn humans into mysterious beings. Not only he is inactive in the nhân vật scene, but also there are only a few staff members of the hero Association that have the medium to lớn communicate with him. Even though Blast is inactive it should be kept in mind that besides Saitama he is the strongest hero that the nhân vật Association has. Being the number one anh hùng is no joke in a world full of powerful & dangerous monsters, and it comes with a great khuyễn mãi giảm giá of responsibility. Blast is a man of a muscular build who wears heavy armor with an emblem of his on his chest.

He was last mentioned in the anime after Saitama landed his punches on the Elder Centipede monster & as the latter was about lớn die he recalled his memory of Blast since he thought Blast was the only hero that could defeat him. Blast fought the Elder Centipede two years ago & almost killed the monster, however, amidst this he came across God a mysterious entity who offered him power. Upon refusing God's offer of giving him power, Blast had khổng lồ battle the former where he somehow survived. Blast kept his encounter with và the existence of God a secret from the anh hùng Association with only Stitch knowing about this incident apart from him.

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Blast has defeated the Elder Centipede quái dị in the past, although the latter was not that strong when he first fought Blast. Gyoro Gyoro, the meat puppet of Psykos, stated that Blast could defeat the Elder Centipede who was a dragon-level threat even in his current state. He saved Tatsumaki from a hybrid trùm cuối when she was just a kid, và also ignited in her the flame to lớn protect her only family her sister Fubuki by using her own powers. It is said that just before meeting Tatsumaki, Blast was strong enough lớn easily kill giant monsters that were powerful enough to smash steel doors in mere seconds. Apart from having immense strength, Blast also seems to have some sort of min-reading or psychic nguồn ability as evident from the instance when he placed his hand on Tatsumaki's head & saw a vision of her sister Fubuki.

His ability to lớn manipulate space-time has got to be the greatest nguồn in his arsenal, & it was thanks to lớn this ability that Blast was the only hero to be able khổng lồ fight against God as recalled by the Minister Officer of Justice for the nhân vật Association. In the OPM: nhân vật Encyclopedia, Fubuki hypothesizes that Blast is stronger than King, can shoot lasers from his eyes and even rules over psychic powers, & can control trillions of robots khổng lồ his advantage. She also speculates that he is so powerful that he can defeat the rest of the S-class at the same time.


Blast has multiple powerful & quite useful abilities at his disposal. He has super speed & reflexes, & he is one of the fastest people in the OPM world. Not to lớn forget the incident when he took Flashy Flash the S-class hero known for his extraordinary tốc độ by surprise as he dodged one of Flashy Flash's fastest attacks from a close range và appeared behind him, & he could not even track Blast getting behind him. He is so strong that he could hold his own in a battle against Cosmic Fear Mode Garou or popularly known as Cosmic Garou who has gotten a nguồn boost from God. He dodged the hero hunter's destructive attacks by creating several portals through his ability.

He even speculated the destruction that Saitama and Garou could cause khổng lồ Earth if their punches collided, therefore, without thinking twice he teleported them into space before their fists could connect. Along with the above-mentioned powers và abilities, Blast also happens to lớn have radiation resistance as seen in the manga when he could withstand the cosmic radiation emitted by Cosmic Garou while the same radiation caused other heroes nearby to collapse and even die shortly after.

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All things considered, Blast surely deserves lớn sit atop the nhân vật world not only because of his immense strength & abilities but also because he likes what he does, và he is responsible for his duty khổng lồ save people and the Earth. He was intelligent enough to not go all-out on Cosmic Garou because he wanted to deliver the unconscious heroes to lớn safety first và not cause any collateral damage khổng lồ the Earth. One-Punch Man fans are extremely excited khổng lồ see Blast get animated in the subsequent seasons of the anime series, it's only a matter of a short time before they get khổng lồ witness S-class rank 1 nhân vật Blast in motion on their screens.