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Once you’ve sầu narrowed down the race & class you want khổng lồ play, it’s time khổng lồ customize the look of your character. Set some time aside for this as you’ll be immersed in Blade và Soul’s robust customization system.

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When you land on the appearance customization screen, you will be greeted with the mặc định appearance of the race you selected. You can change the background where the character stands lớn see how it looks outside the customization screen, along with playing with the character poses, lighting, & even how your character body compares to lớn other genders và races.

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We have sầu a few options of character voices to lớn choose from, and your character will use the selected voice during speech scenes và while in combat. Choose a voice that sounds best lớn you, or what you think fits the style and theme of your character.

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Appearance Customization

You can customize your character’s face type, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, toàn thân type, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips, and that’s just the beginning. Many of the settings also provide additional adjustable details to ensure your character is tailored khổng lồ your liking—the combinations are endless. Or if you’re feeling particularly brave, we have the Randomize buttons that auto-generate different looks.


Detailed Customization

In addition lớn the foundation of your character’s appearance, you can further customize the finer details of your character’s face và toàn thân. Want your eyes wider? We have a slider for that. The chin needs more work? We have sliders for that. Almost every detail of your character can be very specifically adjusted!


Saving và Managing Your Customization

If you want lớn keep what you’ve sầu done so far with your character customization, you can save it by clicking on the Manage Appearance button. From there you can save sầu, reviews, và load all appearances you’ve been creating. The files are locally saved onto your hard drive in your mặc định Pictures folder. It’s easy lớn nói qua files with others to lớn create similar looking characters, or just to lớn save sầu a look you lượt thích for use later on. 

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