This classic survival city-builder can be turned up to lớn 11 with the right mods. Good thing we"re here khổng lồ show you the ropes


Looking for a các mục of the best Banished mods? Modding is a great way to lớn breathe new life into a trò chơi that you’ve learned inside và out, but depending on a game’s popularity and how active its mod scene is, sometimes it can be tricky figuring out which mods are the best ones.

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Often it can come down to what you want – mods can bởi vì everything from fixing specific little things that hamper gameplay, khổng lồ overhauling the base trò chơi completely và turning it into something completely different. Like our Rimworld mods guide, there can be a breadth of options worth working at – some essential, some optional depending on what you enjoy.

For this guide we’re looking atBanished, a gritty city-building game released in the distant past of 2014 which focuses on survival. It was a bit flawed on first release, butit quickly became a classic – now, with the benefit of time & a still-active community, there’s never been a better time to lớn jump in and take the trò chơi for a spin. Below is a modest collection of mods covering must-haves, nice-to-haves, and then some of the more popular collections.

the best Banished Mods

These arethe best Banished mods:

More Terrain ModFix Field Placement ModFishing Dock + 25 or 50% ModNomad Zero Pop ModUI Improvements ModWildlife ModFences & DecorationsCeltic BuildingsJetty & BridgesColonial Charter ModMegamod


More Terrain Mod

The base selection of Banished can wear a little thin after a few dozen playthroughs so why not spice it up a bit? Build a swamp village, or combine this with the Jetty and Bridges gian lận to recreate Esgaroth.

More Terrain also adds ‘Larger’ và ‘Huge’ maps sizes which are welcome additions if you want to lớn build a real city.

Fix Field PlacementMod

As we’re all aware, in real life it is impossible khổng lồ farm on anything other than perfectly flat ground, Banished simulates this very well but sometimes realism can be frustrating.

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Fix Field Placement changes the field placement so you can farm wherever your settlers can walk. It also fixes issues like fields flattening hills, unreachable squares, and increases the max field size, orchard density, và worker slots.

Fishing Dock + 25 or 50%Mod

Pescetarians everywhere rejoice! The fishing dock in vanilla Banished is a little underwhelming and rarely pulls in enough khổng lồ feed a sizeable village but thanks khổng lồ these handy little Fishing Dock mods, you can finally feed the people. As they say on the tin (get it?), you have the option of a 25% increase or a 1/2 increase, depending on how much you want khổng lồ empower the fishing dock.


Nomad Zero PopMod

Failing in Banished is a gutting inevitability. Disease, starvation, or just plain ol’ freezing to death, your settlers are all going khổng lồ die off eventually (in my experience, though maybe I just suck). Nomad Zero Pop still requires the necessary buildings to draw/allow nomads but allows you to lớn continue playing your town after a complete wipe.

UI ImprovementsMod

UI improvementsfixes some of the smaller issues (including one I forgot was an issue) and gives you longer town names, a larger toolbar lớn fit hack items, và a larger town hall inventory.

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We’ve got bigger fields, better fishing, it would be sacrilege to lớn not mention the improved hunting/gathering. Wildlife increases the radius by 1/2 for hunting lodges, gathering huts, woodcutter, herbalist, & forester as well as increasing the worker slots for these buildings.

Wildlife, lượt thích the rest of the improvement mods, will make food gathering a little easier, so keep that in mind when choosing your difficulty settings.


Fences & Decorations

Town doing well? Little Timothy eating enough this Winter? Great, now you can work on making the streets look less barren. Fences & Decorations adds a bunch of stone và wood walls/fences as well as crates, barrels, lamp posts, lanterns, & carts to lớn bring some more life to lớn your town. It’s kind of lượt thích a mã sản phẩm train mix except with more death.


Celtic Buildings

Take the vanilla Banished experience to lớn ancient Scotland with standing stones, palisades, và Celtic roundhouses. Lượt thích most DS mods, this one adds a bunch of well-integrated items that just địa chỉ cửa hàng a lot of flavour to the base game.Lugh’s Stone also allows nomads lớn join at 0 population.


Jetty và Bridges

A massive DS gian lận that adds the ability to build jetties và bridges as well as stilted versions of most buildings và a few new additions like the mollusc farm. It also adds a few decorative canoes which, like a true Sims veteran, I really appreciate.

Having the ability lớn build out over the water changes the vanilla experience a lot more than would be expected & is something I really recommend you try. Make your own little Venice or Esgaroth.

Colonial Charter Mods

Ever wanted a more colonial feel for Banished? Well you’re in luck, Colonial Charter puts you in the buckled shoes of a disgraced European noble who has been set khổng lồ the new world khổng lồ found a colony only khổng lồ find they’ve been understaffed and ill-equipped, just lượt thích the vanilla game.

This is one of the biggest mods for Banished and has been likened to lớn a DLC in scope & quality, definitely one to lớn look into if you’refeeling lượt thích tryingsomething fresh.


Banished Megamod

Modding can be a real pain as you fight through hack conflicts, unexplainable errors, and sudden failures. If you want a modded experience but want khổng lồ avoid the possible headache, the lovely folks over at black Liquid Software have compiled a massive pack that adds lots of new buildings, crops, items, và tools.

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How khổng lồ Install Banished Mods

Before we dive in, there are some differences this time. Banished, unlike Rimworld, seems to have a bit of an issue with the Steam Workshop, especially with copy-cat mods and other clutter. So most of the mods on this các mục instead come from Nexus Mods or which take a little bit more effort lớn get working.

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Thankfully the Banished trang web has this handy tutorial:

To install a thủ thuật for Banished, you just need lớn move the mod tệp tin (modname.pkm) into the WinData folder. The mặc định locations are:

With Steam: C:Program Files (x86)SteamSteamAppscommonBanishedWinDataWith standard install: C:Program FilesShining Rock SoftwareBanishedWinData

If you’ve ever modded Minecraft, this is essentially the same. If you’re completely new to lớn this, don’t worry, even if you make a complete mess of it (which we all vì chưng the first time), just clear the folder. If that doesn’t work, reinstall và you’ll be right as rain again. Let’s go!

We’vekept this menu to the Nexus,, and Steam Workshop as those are the most known và beginner friendly but there are a ton of mods over at the World of Banished forums. Once you’re ready, drop on by và fall even deeper into the modding rabbit hole!