Bang baang review, box office result, hit or flop on ott? Rating3/10

BOTTOM LINE: A Clean Show For Once, But Utterly Run Of The Mill

Rating: 3 /10

Skin N Swear: None

Platform: Zee5, ALT Balaji Genre: kích hoạt, Thriller

What Is the Story About?

ALTBalaji và ZEE5‘s lathử nghiệm collaboration is the 10-part web series Bang Baang. It is a murder và suspense drama, mix in the backdrop of Rajasthan’s Udaipur.

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A skeleton turns up in the barren sands of Udaipur, & police officer Meera (Ruhi Singh) gets onkhổng lồ the case. Five sầu years ago, Ramomãng cầu Dhanraj, the daughter of the Royals of Udaipur had gone missing. Clues point khổng lồ the skeleton being Ramona’s. A scarf found on the body implicates Raghu (Faisal Shaikh, aka Mr Faisu) in the murder.
As the bodies start to lớn pile up in a series of fresh murders, Meera & her team hunt for proof khổng lồ nail Raghu in the crimes. Will Raghu be able lớn prove his innocence & find the real killers forms the crux of the story.
The story of Bang Baang is credited lớn Nitika Kanwar, the screenplay is written by Abhishek Garg and Chirag Salian, while the dialogues are written by Kunal Valephụ vương. The series is directed by Shraddha Paham mê Jairath, produced by Akstuyệt BP.. Singh of Spacewalkker Films, and co-produced by Dayan& Shetty.


The performances in Bang Baang are superficial & cursory. In fact, come to think of it, evocative, soulful, ethereal acting has never been the preserve of shows such as Bang Baang. Let’s just say, the performances barely scrape the barrel in effectively conveying the writer & director’s vision. Faisal Shaikh has poor screen presence, & poorer dialogue delivery. Ruhi Singh is marginally better. For the rest of the cast, comprising Aman Gandotra, Gurpreet Bedi, Amit Jairath, Gargi Mahesh Sawant, Shreya Gupkhổng lồ aý muốn others, the less said the better.
Bang Baang is a show that would fall in the category of a waste of resources – a waste of time, money, effort và film. It offers nothing new in terms of story, treatment or innovation. The plot is a done khổng lồ death one, the treatment run-of-the-mill, and the performances, perfunctory. Everyone just seems to be going through the motions, appearing khổng lồ be in a hurry lớn finish canning ten episodes và move sầu on lớn other things.

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Meaningless interludes spoil whatever little interest manages khổng lồ build up in the narrative. Sundry characters are introduced inlớn the plot for the sole purpose of creating suspense. And they are as quickly dispensed with, without adding anything logical or tangible to lớn the storyline or the ultimate reveal. Murders happen with laughable impunity. Maybe the writers are from a school of thought that the more the number of characters murdered, the higher is the suspense value. Apparently, they’ve sầu never read an Agatha Christie or Perry Mason or they would know that one dead body toàn thân is enough khổng lồ build compelling suspense when it is supplemented with clever twists and turns.
One character called Tanya (Neetha Shetty) is simply there khổng lồ flirt with Raghu and tease hyên ổn with “vroom vroom” in the most irritating tone she can drum up. Loose ends are so all over the place that it’s a wonder the cast & crew doesn’t trip over them all day long. The Ramona angle and its big reveal is quite illogical. The suspense is juvenile và the climax is seriously underwhelming.
Surprisingly, Bang Baang is squeaky clean – no lovemaking scenes, no expletives, nothing — quite surprising for an ALTBalaji & ZEE5 show of this kind.
Faisu is made to reveal his body in innumerable scenes peppered throughout the series, even ripping it off in one scene as if he’s the Salman Khan of OTT. But, is he really that? Is his body appealing to look at though? Is it eye candy enough khổng lồ be the centrepiece of the show? All we can say is, thanks, but no thanks! Oh yes, same for Bang Baang, please.

Music & Other Departments?

The background score by Noize Inc. for Bang Baang sounds lượt thích a kid has been let loose with his newly acquired synthesiser. All kinds of weird notes, along with a grating rise in tempo add to the chaotic BGM of Bang Baang. Only the title track is somewhat bearable, keywords being ‘somewhat’.

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Cinematographer Krishna Ramanam giới does a passable job with the camera, while the work of editors Vikas Sharma & Vini Malu is strictly OK.



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