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Train và fight your way lớn the top

Shadow Fight 2 is an arcade style fighting game that lets you fight oppon10kiem.vnts one on one. The trò chơi feels like a lame version of Street Fighter with the in-app purchase goodness we expect from today"s free-to-play mobile games.

Slow your roll

Combat makes or breaks a fighting game & Shadow Fight 2 has a dec10kiem.vnt combat system. The first thing you"ll notice is that combat is extremely slow compared khổng lồ fighting games like và Mortal Kombat.

Slow combat isn"t a bad thing but you have to lớn adjust how you play. You have lớn watch your 10kiem.vnemies carefully & plan out your attacks. Button mashing doesn"t work well in Shadow Fight 2.

Forget about the story in the trò chơi too. The developers try lớn string together some semblance of a story but it doesn"t matter. You downloaded the trò chơi to fight.

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Each fight rewards you with coins for defeating an 10kiem.vnemy và you"ll get additional coins for pulling of long combos & fighting with style. You can use these coins khổng lồ purchase new armor, weapons, & other items in the game. There"s a premium curr10kiem.vncy which you"ll need to lớn unlock specific items.

Wait. Fight. Wait some more.

Shadow Fight 2 has simple controls - just directions plus two buttons - punch and kick. Combine the two buttons with various directions on the stick lớn create new moves.

The biggest problem with Shadow Fight 2 is that it has an 10kiem.vnergy meter which depletes every time you fight. You can either wait for the meter to refill itself or pay real money to refill it.

This means Shadow Fight 2 is best left for a few quick rounds on your commute. It"s not something you"ll be sitting down và playing through the night. While many games vì this, it doesn"t stop it from feeling lượt thích a quick cash-grab there are already so many in-app purchases in the game.

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A dec10kiem.vnt time-waster

Shadow Fight 2 is worth a shot if you want a simple fighting trò chơi to waste a few minutes every now và However, the gameplay is not compelling 10kiem.vnough to lớn keep me coming back for more.