15 Dc Villains Much Scarier Than Darkseid

5 Reasons Darkseid Is DC's Numer One Supervillain (và 5 Why It’s Anti-Monitor) Darkseid và Anti-Monitor are both extremely powerful supervillains of DC Comics, but who comes out on top?

DC comics has plenty of great heroes. What makes this comic publisher unique from its competition, however, is that it also has some of the greathử nghiệm super-villains to ever grace the pages of a comic book. Aý muốn these many amazing villains, two, in particular, have sầu stood out as the main enemies of the DC universe.

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Anti-Monitor và Darkseid have both threatened the safety of the entire DC universe. At different times, each of these two baddies has nearly taken over/ destroyed all of reality. The only question that remains is which one is truly the main antagonist of the DC universe. Here are five sầu reasons Darkseid is DC"s number one supervillain & five why it"s Anti-Monitor.

DC"s flagship character is Superman. Ever since Clark Kent"s first appearance back in the 1930s, he has stood out as one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

If you"re going lớn be the biggest bad guy of the entire DC catalog, you"re going to lớn have lớn have fought against its greathử nghiệm hero at some point. Darkseid has done much better than merely fighting against Superman at one point. He has long been one of the Man of Steel"s greatest enemies.

In terms of their absolute power levels, the Anti-Monitor dwarfs Darkseid. In fact, his abilities dwarf nearly every other being in all of existence.

One physical attribute that the Anti-Monitor has in his favor is vast, enormous kích thước. In addition khổng lồ that, he is seemingly infinitely strong & virtually indestructible.

Any bad guy hoping to lớn be the biggest antagonist of the DC universe needs lớn be a consistent enemy of the Justice League. As the most relevant superanh hùng team in DC comics, the Justice Leagues" villains are, in turn, the most relevant villains.

There have been a plethora of occasions during which the Justice League has come inkhổng lồ conflict with Darkseid & his lackeys from Apokolips. There is no greater villain than the League has faced on a consistent basis.

The Anti-Monitor has been responsible for the deaths of many of DC"s greachạy thử heroes. The long các mục of Anti-Monitor casualties includes the likes of Supergirl và the Barry Allen version of The Flash. These two heroes are some of the most powerful, capable vigilantes on the entire planet. Being responsible for both of their deaths goes lớn show how formidable Anti-Monitor is.

If you want to lớn be taken seriously as the main antagonist of the DC universe, you need lớn have been responsible for universe-altering acts of evil. By killing some of the world"s most powerful heroes, Anti-Monitor did just that.

Darkseid has been "killed" on several different occasions. As incredibly powerful as he is, the heroes of DC have managed to lớn get an upper h& on hyên from time to lớn time. Despite this, Darkseid always finds a way to come bachồng khổng lồ life.

Most villains, when killed, stay dead. Even if they vị come back, it"s often after long periods of being irrelevant to lớn the mainstream continuity. That has never been the case for Darkseid. He always finds a way back to lớn life, no matter how badly he was decimated.

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5 Anti-Monitor: Destroyed Thousands of Universes

The Anti-Monitor"s main ability is lớn absorb the surrounding energy of his environment inlớn himself. This both makes hlặng stronger & devastates all life around hyên. By using this ability, Anti-Monitor has destroyed thousands of universe.

There is no being in the DC multiverse responsible for more deaths than the Anti-Monitor. This power of his to lớn absorb energy has plagued the multiverse for decades and will no doubt plague it for decades to come.

One of the most iconic superpowers in DC comics is Darkseid"s Omega Beams. A more powerful version of Superman"s heat vision, the Omega Beams absolutely decimate anything và anyone that they manage to lớn hit.

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Another incredible quality of the Omega Beams is their ability khổng lồ traông chồng a target. Instead of a simple, straight-line of fire, the Omega Beams dart around in several directions as they loông xã in on their intended victim. No matter where someone runs or what they hide behind, there is no escaping the devastating effect and lethal impact of the Omega Beams.

3 Anti-Monitor: Won The Darkseid War

One of the biggest DC events of the last decade was the Darkseid War. A battle between Anti-Monitor và the lord of Apokolips himself. The Darkseid War was a true demo of who could become DC"s greatest antagonist.

By the over of the Darkseid War, Darkseid was killed (although he would come bachồng lớn life soon after). Although the Anti-Monitor didn"t actually kill Darkseid himself, he nonetheless orchestrated events that lead to lớn the longtime Superman villains demise.

Finding the Anti-Life Equation is Darkseid"s sole mission in life. A mysterious mathematical equation that could theoretically grant full control over the minds of all sentient life, in the hands of Darkseid, this force would cause untold damage to the entire multiverse.

The Anti-Life Equation represents DC"s endgame. Much lượt thích the Infinity Gauntlet of the Marvel universe, this DC McGuffin would be the kết thúc of DC as we know it. Darkseid fully cements his case of being DC"s main bad guy through his constant tìm kiếm for the one thing that could truly kết thúc the universe.

1 Anti-Monitor: Crises

By far the biggest crossover events in DC comics are the many crises. Resetting the entire multiverse each time they happen, it is during a crisis that the heroes of DC face their biggest threats. Often times, the enemy behind the crises is none other than the Anti-Monitor himself.

For all of DC"s history, it has been the crisis events that have sầu defined the publisher"s mainstream continuity for the years that follow. As the center of many of these events, Anti-Monitor proves he is the number one bad guy.

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