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game anime thrill their viewers for much the same reason that Twitch streams do: it"s exciting to see people excited by games and to share one"s beloved hobby with others. Whether they depict card games, board games, or VR, the best trò chơi anime leave no doubt in viewers" minds as lớn why characters have picked their chosen pastimes.RELATED: The Best Anime Based On clip Game Franchises (According to lớn MyAnimeList)Though many of them depict fierce competitions, trò chơi anime aren"t just about seeing characters win. They"re about watching characters grow with the game, developing deeper strategies, và building their confidence as players until they one day master moves that once could only look upon in awe.

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Updated on March 17, 2022 by Patrick Armstrong: Occasionally playing Bejeweled for 15 minutes is different from daily marathon sessions of League of Legends. Gaming takes many forms, và games themselves wear as many masks as novels do. What draws a player in might be breakneck combo execution, the methodical arrangement of virtual flowers, or the heart-stuttering excitement of being chased by an army of the dead. Trò chơi anime can take as many forms as the games that inspire them. What matters is that the show conveys the anticipation và excitement that comes with playing games, improving, and coming back khổng lồ play again even after a shattering loss.

14 D-Frag!


A beloved anime trope is the school club, whether that club centers around training khổng lồ be idols, raising livestock, or writing scary stories. In the case of D-Frag!, the club is game Development Club. D-Frag is basically a slice-of-life-anime that pivots around people playing games. Though it could easily kết thúc up being a generic example of its genre with this premise, it never does.

Instead, the series has enough off-beat style và characterization lớn keep viewers hooked. The characters bởi vì enough game-hopping to lớn keep things fresh, và there"s the occasional injection of genuine weirdness to lớn keep viewers guessing where the series will take them next.


In the real world, gamers who reach the absolute pinnacle of skill in a given game are often esports pros, playing at tournaments against other competitive teams for cash prizes.

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In No game No Life, there"s more khổng lồ be done with người chơi skill than just battle for cash, as Sora & Shiro discover. The pair are undefeated gamers, a fact that draws the attention of a god và eventually leads to that god transporting Sora and Shiro to lớn a world where games settle everything. No game No Life is an isekai game anime, in which Sora and Shiro"s skills are tested again và again with stakes they could have never imagined. Altogether, the series is a funny & charming look at gaming & gamers themselves.


Ever since the days of EverQuest and Ultima Online, MMO addiction has been a real & troubling phenomenon. It doesn"t take state-of-the-art graphics to lớn immerse players, and there are those who quickly become addicted to lớn their pastime, preferring the virtual world to the real one.

Recovery of an MMO Junkie tackles this subject directly. Fortunately, it"s a funny và lighthearted take on the subject rather than an oppressive one, featuring a woman trying khổng lồ balance paying the bills with spending all of her time in her favorite game. It might be a niche subject in an already niche subgenre, but Recovery of an MMO Junkie does it right.


If shows about people trapped inside a video game were rocks, one couldn"t walk five feet without stubbing their toe. The trò chơi anime genre is flooded with series that play with that premise, making it difficult khổng lồ sort the best from the just okay.

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Log Horizon is amongst the best, for a simple reason: many anime about people trapped in games don"t actually care about the rules of those games. Things like team composition, pulling aggro, và metagaming are concepts that normally fall by the wayside in favor of kích hoạt and drama. In Log Horizon, the elements of the game itself remain at the forefront, so that the setting never degenerates into a bland fantasy environment. Stylish và relatable, Log Horizon ranks amongst the best.

Sometimes an anime"s title tells you everything you need to know. In Bofuri: I Don"t Want to lớn Get Hurt, So I"ll Max Out My Defense, Maple decides to do just that in NewWorld Online, a virtual reality MMORPG.

Playing as a shield-user và devoting every point lớn defense as she levels up, Maple is able to survive against seemingly insurmountable odds, climbing the game"s ranks through her unusual strategy & quick thinking. The anime shows off its understanding of and love for MMORPGs for all to lớn see, và watching Maple & her friends explore NewWorld Online is a joy. The series could easily have been based on a real RPG. By focusing on a fantasy protagonist who isn"t just another sword wielder, Bofuri stands out from the rest.

Net-Juu No Susume is the story of Moriko, who, at the age of 30, quits her job và celebrates her unemployment by devoting herself khổng lồ an MMO, quickly becoming obsessed. Within the game, she befriends Lily, a healer, và the two become inseparable.

Then, a chance meeting with another player at a convenience store changes everything. As many players know, the allure of some games can be all but impossible khổng lồ tear away from, and Net-Juu No Susume understands that better than almost any other anime. It might not be one of the highest-grossing anime, but Net-Juu No Susume effortlessly demonstrates the nguồn of game anime and đoạn phim games in general.

A game anime that turns its eye to lớn the esports scene, The King"s Avatar follows Ye Xiu, a first-rank player who is forced from his pro team & turns to lớn work as the night manager at an mạng internet cafe. When a new vps launches, Ye returns to lớn the trò chơi he loves, beginning the long grind up from nothing.

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While his exceptional skill và encyclopedic trò chơi capture the attention of guilds, Ye struggles to lớn relearn and adapt lớn a game that has changed in his years away. The series is one of the few trò chơi anime that demonstrates a genuine understanding of how MMOs play, & it doesn"t hurt that the anime is beautiful. Focusing on the professional scene, The King"s Avatar looks at the hard realities of the competitive scene, in which games sometimes no longer feel much lượt thích play.

In Sword Art Online, 10,000 players log into a virtual reality MMO, only to lớn learn that they cannot log out — và that if their characters die in the game, their real bodies die, too. Kirito, a player from the beta, vows not to let any players die, setting out khổng lồ conquer the 100-floor Aincrad castle, thereby freeing everyone from the game.

Sword Art Onlineis action-packed, chockfull of characterization, and heavy with lore regarding the company that created the game as well as its founder. The series helped define the genre for a reason, and is not to be missed.

Similarities between Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hikaru no Go are unavoidable. The protagonist of this series might not have iconic anime hair like Yu-Gi-Oh, but in both, a boy is possessed by the spirit of a long-dead player, and, using the spirit"s expertise, rises through the ranks of his chosen game.

In Hikaru no Go, the game is Go, and the existence of the trò chơi outside the series"s fictional universe is a huge departure from most trò chơi anime. Through Hikaru no Go, fans và players can experience their hobby in a new medium và enjoy it anew through the protagonist"s eyes, with all the drama & style that anime provides.

New Game! is not about playing a game, but making one. Fresh out of high school, Aoba Suzukaze, gets the chance of a lifetime to lớn work as a character designer on the newest installment in her favorite series: Fairies Story.

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Aoba"s coworkers are one of the series highlights, including the game"s director, Shizuku, who brings her cát to work, and Hifumi who is exuberant in text messages but so shy in person that she won"t even make eye contact. New Game! is a fun behind-the-scenes look at what game development is like, from the highs of perfecting a character"s look to lớn the lows of game-breaking glitches.

Popular MMO is Yggdrisil is ending, but wizard and guild leader Momonga is staying until the last vps shuts down. When time runs out, however, Momonga remains in the server, trapped in the body toàn thân of his character as the NPCs around him begin to show signs of sentience.

Momonga enlists the help of his loyal followers khổng lồ investigate these mysterious occurrences. Unlike the tropes of many anime, the protagonist of Overlord is an outright villain, deceiving, manipulating, và killing to lớn achieve his goals. Further, Momonga is not a weakling on a journey khổng lồ greatness but is from the beginning of the series the greatest sorcerer in existence, even if he can"t shake his người chơi habit of hoarding every useless cống phẩm he finds.

Instead of departing immediately lớn the afterlife upon death, dead souls first travel khổng lồ a mysterious bar between realities. In the bar, the soul is forced lớn compete in Death Games, the outcome of which reveals what secrets led lớn their present predicament and what their fate is khổng lồ be: reincarnated or banished from existence. Decim the bartender & his assistant act as arbiters, overseeing the games.

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Decim is emotionless by nature, having neither lived nor died, and his assistant is amnesiac, remembering nothing of her human life. The interactions between the two — as well as their dealings with the souls that wind up in their bar — are more than enough lớn keep viewers coming back.

Welcome khổng lồ the N.H.K. is not shy about exploring difficult subject matter. Satou is a hikikomori, an asocial recluse, who, by the age of 22, is an unemployed college dropout, totally withdrawn from society. His isolation is disrupted when he meets a young woman who claims lớn be able lớn cure him of his hikikomori lifestyle. Satou insists that a conspiracy is to blame for his current predicament, và difficult subjects lượt thích loneliness, social isolation, và suicide feature prominently.

The series could easily count as one of the greatest slice-of-life anime as well. Satou is eventually badgered into becoming the writer for the gal trò chơi that his neighbor is developing, và here Welcome to the N.H.K. becomes a trò chơi development anime, albeit one of an altogether different breed than New Game! Here, the focus is much more on the psychology of the trò chơi makers than the nitty-gritty of development.

From its character designs khổng lồ the premise of its setting, .Hack//Sign is an iconic anime và looms large within the genre, casting the shadow of its influence over many shows & games that followed it. The series features a popular MMO called The World, in which Tsukasa awakens in a dungeon with no short-term memory, unable khổng lồ log out.

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The series is a slow-burn mystery, relying on dialog & steady world building rather than action to drive the plot. The relative lack of combat means .Hack//Sign is not for everyone, but for those more interested in compelling lore than clashing swords, the series is near impossible khổng lồ beat.