Wednesday . 28 July . 2021

My Andyson F500M died. Serve sầu me well for 9 years. Wanted khổng lồ buy Andyson again. But seems lượt thích no more selling. Was it rebranded, merged into another company? Does anyone knows?Thanks

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Used khổng lồ have andyson psu 550w.Served me well for 5 solid years before selling và still no prob & very efficient. I remember was 80+ bronze.Now using super flower 600w 80+ gold.
Wah your andyson lượt thích not bad soil. Mine die almost at the last year of the warranty. But got a new mã sản phẩm since mine is EOL. Then again got a mã sản phẩm is non modular which sucks
Wah your andyson like not bad soil. Mine die almost at the last year of the warranty. But got a new Model since mine is EOL. Then again got a Mã Sản Phẩm is non modular which sucks
My Andyson PSU was also non modular.Served me well during the Hãng sản xuất Intel Vi xử lý Core 2 Duo & Nvidia GTX 400 era. Changed to lớn a more efficient and higher wattage as I had to put in more hard disks và changed to Sandy Bridge i5 2500k with overclocking. Scared will kaboom if áp lực it khổng lồ the limit.
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