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We’ve sầu got some great news for you. Did you know that you can use Adobe Character Animator’s key recording features without even purchasing the software? That’s right!In the following article, we will introduce you to lớn the Performer Mode feature in Character Animator’s software, which is the không tính tiền version of Adobe Character Animator. It’s the perfect way lớn get to know the software & try some cool animations for không tính tiền. You can combine it with’s không lấy phí puppets, which work great on both full mode & Performer mode.

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Curious to find out more, you should be? Then keep on reading!

1. What is Performer mode in Adobe Character Animator?2. What you can bởi with Performer mode?3. How to lớn activate the Performer mode?4. Get Started with Animation

What is Performer mode in Adobe Character Animator?

The Performer Mode gives you the opportunity to lớn use the Record & Stream options in the Adobe software completely free khổng lồ create and record different scenes, then lớn use your favorite puppets in web calls or live sầu streams on YouTube, Twitch, etc. As this is a beta version of the software, it has some limitations, such as the Rig option not being available. The Adobe company has kindly provided us with a free unlochồng code for our customers for the Performer Mode and the best part is that you don’t even need khổng lồ buy the Character Animator software or be subscribed khổng lồ the Creative Cloud service.

What you can vị with Performer mode?

You can:

Use it for không tính phí – combined with some không lấy phí puppets, you don’t have sầu to lớn pay a penny to start animating.Use the Record option khổng lồ animate and exportUse the Stream option for games, video clip meetings, etc.Use premade puppetsUse the Trial without inspiration

You Can’t:

You can’t use the Rig panel, so you won’t be able khổng lồ modify or create new functions for existing puppets.You can’t access .ai or .psd designs rigged to puppets.You can’t use it on Mac for now. It currently supports only PC.

Performer mode is completely không lấy phí, so you won’t lose anything if you want lớn try Adobe Character Animator. You could use some of’s Free Puppets và start animating right away if you don’t need khổng lồ make some advanced animations.

How to lớn activate the Performer mode?

An easy step by step guide.

Step 1:

Download the Character Animator software from Adobe trang web.

Step 2:

You will be asked lớn sign in with your ID. If you don’t have sầu an Adobe tài khoản, sign up for miễn phí in Adobe.

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Step 3:

After the software is installed, it will automatically launch on your computer.

A trial window may appear – just press the blue Start không lấy phí trial button.

Step 4:

Once the software has launched, in order khổng lồ unlock the Performer Mode, follow these simple steps:

* on Windows OS, while holding the Alt key, choose the Edit -> Preferences menu option

Step 5:

Choose the Performer Mode option at the bottom of the list located on the left side of the dialog.

Enter the code that we will provide for you after you’ve sầu contacted us, in the Unlochồng code field.Make sure that the Performer Mode checkbox is checked and cliông chồng OK.

Type the special code that Adobe gave sầu us for our clients:“10kiem.vnpuppetsrock

Voila, you’ve sầu unlocked the Performer mode!In order to lớn be sure that the version was successfully unlocked, you should be able lớn see the PERFORMER MODE text in the Menu Bar.

Get Started with Animation

Now, you’ve sầu got as far as installing the Character Animator’s Performer Mode, you will need some puppets to lớn animate, right? You can get both không tính tiền and premium animated puppets from, here are some examples:

Free Businessman Character Animator Puppet

This flexible character can point, showcase, give sầu thumbs up, wave. The puppet can also hold a Notepad, Pointer, Pen, và an Envelope. function such as Walking left/right & advanced head movements are included, và it’s không lấy phí.

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Holding ObjectsMaking GesturesWalkingFREE DOWNLOAD

Male Character Animator Puppet Builder

Build your own character by using the sliders in Control panel khổng lồ find & experiment with different facial features, hairstyles and colors, facial hair, clothing styles & colors, shoes, and glasses và create hundreds of chất lượng character combinations and looks.

Puppet Builder – Create Your Own Unique PuppetsUnlimited CombinationsMaking GesturesGet Now

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