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SEMS Washers


Authorized Specialized Distributor

3Q, Inc. sources và distributes the complete SEMS Product Line, as well as other ITW Shakeproof products. View ITW Shakeproof products »

SEMS Products that 3Q, Inc. carries:

SEMS External và Internal Tooth Lock Washer SEMS Helical Split Lock Washer SEMS Dished – Toothed Periphery Type SEMS – SQUARE CONE®

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Sheet Metal Screws


Pull-Tight Serrated Hex Washer Head

The premier sheet metal screw on the market.

Self-Piercing & Self-Drilling Special serrated washer thiết kế Flanged teeth under head that virtually elminates stripping Made of heat-treated steel with zinh finish Sizes in stoông chồng range from #6 x 1/2" lớn #14 x 1-1/2"

Double Coil Loông chồng Washers


Manufactured by

100% Domestic – Made in the USA Galvanized Coating Sizes in Stock 1/2" lớn 1"
About 3Q, Inc.

SEMS Washers, Double Coil Lock Washers, Cold Formed Fasteners, Sheet Metal Screws - Highest Quality with Outstanding Customer Service

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ISO 9001:năm ngoái Certified


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